Hello, welcome to my newsletter: Notes from the Margin. I’m Wendy Pratt, author of poetry collectionWhen I Think of My Body as a Horse and founder and editor of Spelt Magazine; a print magazine dedicated to validating and celebrating the rural experience through creative non-fiction and poetry.

I class myself as a nature writer; a writer who explores connections between identity and landscape. I am not a conqueror of mountains, or a fell runner or someone striking out into the unknown. I am an explorer of landscape with a small L. I write about my immediate landscape and the points where physical and emotional connection occur, the interfaces that exist between the human body and the landscape we exist in. My questions are often around what that means in terms of self-image, a sense of belonging, rootedness, identity.

Notes from the Margin is a kind of commonplace book in which those small points of connection are gathered. The margin of the title is both the place at the edge of a page where notes are made, and a place of in-betweens, of not quite being identified or categorised. These are places of profundity and revelation for me.

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About Me

Wendy Pratt is a poet, author and magazine editor living on the North Yorkshire coast. Wendy was one of the winners of the Poetry Business book and pamphlet competition in 2020 with her third full collection When I Think of My Body as a Horse. Wendy’s creative non-fiction book-in-progress, The Ghost Lake, was long listed in the Nan Shepherd prize in 2020.

In 2021 Wendy founded Spelt magazine, a print magazine that seeks to validate and celebrate the rural experience. In 2022 the Spelt Nature Writing School was launched.

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